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Giada De Laurentiis’ Lasagna Recipe Relies On This Genius Time-Saving Hack

Around here we like to call Giada De Laurentiis the queen of pasta, a title she has proved over and over again is well deserved. While De Laurentiis always seems to reinvent classic recipes,  we’ve found that almost no one conquers Italian meals like the chef. In fact, ever since she embarked on a trip with Bobby Flay for their new show Bobby and Giada in Italy she’s been on a mission to share the most indulgent, mouth-watering recipes she’s creating — and she hasn’t let us down yet. Her latest dish is a combination of two Italian gems and it literally has us drooling: ravioli lasagna.

“Picture this: lasagna, but instead of a pasta and ricotta cheese layer, you use cheese ravioli. Boom. It’s amazing,” De Laurentiis’ @thegiadzy wrote. ‘Boom’ is right because this level of cheesiness is something we can’t wait to experience at home. Not only is the ravioli-reinvented-as-lasagna idea delicious, it’s also such a clever time-saving hack. (Plus jarred marinara sauce? We’ve got heart-eyes over here for these down-to-earth, real-life-approved shortcuts.)

Making traditional lasagna requires layering pasta and cheese, but by simply adding cheese ravioli you eliminate the need for any extra work on your end (and isn’t that always the goal?!). To make the ravioli lasagna you’ll need spicy Italian sausage, jarred marinara sauce, two kinds of cheeses, and frozen cheese ravioli.

This delicious dish bakes up in about 25 minutes — and that, plus the time-saving ravioli hack, makes us think lasagna could actually be a weeknight dinner now.

Get Giada De Laurentiis Ravioli Sausage recipe.

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