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Martha Stewart’s Greens, Beans & Toast Is The Easy Weeknight Meal You Didn’t Know You Were Missing

Sometimes the simplest meals are the best, especialy when you make a little extra effort to elevate their flavor. Grilled cheese and tomato soup are even better with a little garlic butter on your bread and some cream swirled into your soup, peanut butter and jelly is much tastier on good bread with some fancy preserves, and toast can become a meal with a little extra love. Martha Stewart just showed us how to turn toast into dinner, thanks to the addition of beans, greens, and a little squeeze of lemon. It’s exactly the kind of nourishing comfort food we crave this time of year, and chances are you already have the ingredients you need.

One of our favorite things about this recipe for brothy beans and greens on toast is how versatile it is. Stewart calls for Swiss chard, but you could use any leafy green you like, or even a mix. The recipe calls for “toasted sliced rustic bread,” which leaves tons of room for experimentation, and, simply, “beans.” Whether you opt for cannelini, navy, or garbanzo beans depends on what you already have in your pantry.

Making the dish is so simple. Saute a few cloves of sliced garlic, add the stems of your greens, and cook until they’re almost tender. Then add in the leafy part of your greens, cooking a little longer. Finally, add your beans and some cooking liquid and simmer until everything is warm.

To assemble your meal, add a bit of olive oil and a squirt of lemon juice to the pan before spooning your brothy beans and greans over your toast.

If you want to jazz your meal up a little, the world is your oyster. Crushed red pepper flakes would add a little spice, a poached egg can make the meal even more protein-rich, and a shaving of fresh Parmesan at the end could boost the umami. We also wouldn’t say no to adding a splash of wine to the greens as they cook.

But you can also keep things exactly as the recipe is written, and you’ll be rewarded with a simple, satisfying meal. It’s like something a fancy hobbit might have for dinner, which in our book is always a good thing.

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