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Chrissy Teigen Sells a Popcorn Seasoning Kit with 5 Must-Have Flavors

Anyone else get excited by the sight (and smell) of freshly popped and buttered popcorn? It’s one of the more exciting decision to make: Will you go the sweet route, and sprinkle a generous layer of birthday cake seasoning atop? Or, will you make it a more savory bowl of popcorn by topping it with a cheddar cheese seasoning? And the world of popcorn seasonings — both retail and recipes — reflects just how seemingly limitless your options are, where you’ll find everything from pickle and barbecue-flavored to cinnamon sugar and chocolate-flavored toppings. But make room in that pantry because Chrissy Teigen has entered the chat with her own assortment of unique — and delicious — popcorn seasonings.

Sold on her recently-revamped Cravings website, Teigen’s new Poppin’ Off Popcorn Seasoning Kit, $36, has flavors for every tastebud: Salt & Vinegar, Birthday Sprinkles, French Onion Gruyere, Spicy Cheddar, and Sweet Coconut. The kit also includes a bag of popcorn — white gold kernels, to be exact.

“Liven up your couch snacks with these five delicious and fun popcorn seasonings,” Teigen writes. “Make it salty with salt & vinegar, sweet with birthday cake, cheesy with French onion & Gruyerè or extra-spicy cheddar, or Thai-inspired with sweet & salty coconut. Or better yet, mix ‘n’ match and come up with your own signature flavor!”

Image: Cravings.

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Teigen also suggests using her popcorn seasonings in your favorite, go-to recipes — “like the dredge for fried chicken or the breadcrumbs for baked pasta with the savory ones or atop ice cream or in baked goods with the sweet variations.”

Teigen teased her popcorn seasoning line last summer, when she took to Twitter to ask:

And just a few months prior, Teigen shared her own popcorn seasoning hack.

“I like to add a packet of ranch seasoning, but you can use whatever your mood is calling for,” Teigen writes. “If you don’t have a ranch packet, try using onion and garlic powder along with some salt and pepper. A taco seasoning packet is another idea, maybe a little grated parm?”

“If you like it on the sweeter side, you could make a fake ‘kettle corn’ by tossing light brown sugar and fine sea salt into the still-hot popcorn,” she adds.

Before you go, check out our slideshow below:

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