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Martha Stewart Just Shared a Cheesy, Saucy Freezer Meal Perfect for Weeknights

It’s been a year of cooking at home — and if you’re sick of it already, you might be interested in anything big-batch, make-ahead, or freezer-friendly. Or is that just us? At the end of a long day, it’s nice to be able to just open the fridge or freezer and pull out a delicious dish that’s ready to pop in the oven, rather than facing a lot of need-to-prop ingredients and starting from scratch. Sure, if you have leftovers veggies you can make Jamie Oliver’s quesadillas or his adaptable soup. However, on those days when there’s absolutely nothing in the fridge to work with, it’s extra-nice to have meals pre-made. It saves so much time, and makes those stressful days a heck of a lot easier. If you’re with us on all of this, we suggest you give Martha Stewart’s Sausage and Kale stuffed shells a try — this might just become your new favorite freezer-friendly meal.

Stewart took to Instagram to share her lovely creation writing, “Who doesn’t love a make-ahead dinner? Here spicy pork sausage and hearty kale come together with creamy cheese for a family-friendly freezer meal.” Don’t worry, if you also want to make this one the day of, you can. “For those who can’t wait, the stuffed shells can be baked immediately and enjoyed the day they’re made.” Who doesn’t love a versatile recipe? We sure know we do.

Although this isn’t the fastest recipe, it is great to make Sunday night before the start of a busy week. Just set aside around an hour to prep this one…it is well worth the wait. It can be stored in the freezer for up to three months. To bake, all you need to do is preheat the oven to 375 degrees and pop it in covered for an hour, and then uncovered for around 20 minutes. Having this ready to go in the freezer means no more opening the fridge and panicking…so you should definitely try it out for yourself.

Check out Martha Stewart’s Sausage and Kale Stuffed Shells.

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