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Giada De Laurentiis’ Stunning Chocolate Bark Is a Valentine’s Day Candy Land

Finding fun activities to do with the kids during holidays is not always easy, especially winter-friendly activities. Baking is always a great interactive activity for kids that will get them off the screens. Who doesn’t remember their memories of baking in the kitchen with their parents or grandparents? If you are looking for a recipe to bake with the kids this Valentine’s day, look no further than Giada De Laurentiis’ Valentine’s Double Chocolate Bark. It’s easy enough to make with the young ones, but delicious enough for everyone to enjoy.

De Laurentiis shared her creation on the @thegiadzy Instagram account writing, “We’ve got our sights set on Valentine’s Day treats, and we’re obsessed with @Giadadelaurentiis‘ super easy double chocolate bark for the occasion. Top it with all of your favorite festive candies and sprinkles!”

This recipe could easily become a holiday tradition with your family. Just switch up the toppings to match the celebration. Do orange and black for Halloween or green and red for Christmas, the possibilities are endless. The chocolate bark is super simple. All you need is semi-sweet chocolate, white chocolate and whatever toppings your heart desires.

The best part? It only takes an hour to prep and bake, meaning the kids won’t be whining for the treats because the wait time is short. Definitely try this one out for yourself. It’s beautiful, colorful and creative. You can get fun with it, making it a great dessert to do with your little ones. All in all, your family will love to eat it and your children will love to make it.

Check out Giada De Laurentiis’ Valentine’s Double Chocolate Bark here.

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