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Jamie Oliver’s Chocolate & Banana French Toast is the Valentine’s Day Breakfast of Our Dreams

One of our favorite things about checking out the different recipes our favorite celebrity chefs share is that they almost always have a fun and unique twist on a traditional dish. Take Martha Stewart’s spinoff of a popular Trader Joe’s appetizer or Rachael Ray’s breakfast version of a Cubano sandwich. (Really, we’ll take them!) And then there’s Jamie Oliver, who just took an already amazing breakfast food — French toast — and managed to make it so mouthwateringly amazing we’re drooling just watching the Instagram video he shared of himself making it. And with Valentine’s Day just days away, Oliver just shared the ultimate romantic breakfast (or brunch) to make for your special someone (and yes, that can mean for yourself too!): Chocolate & Banana French Toast.

Go ahead, take a look at this:

“You voted for it… it is lovely people, brand new recipe for my twist on French toast with chocolate and banana!!!” Oliver teased on Instagram. “This could be the most delicious brunch, lunch or even dessert. A beautiful thing for someone you love….should I mention #ValentinesDay is coming up hahaha. Who owes you breakfast in bed?? Let them know.”

C’mooonnnnn…. that gooey chocolate! That caramelized banana! The toasted hazelnuts! Oliver’s spinoff looks like such a delectable treat. With this recipe, you’re guaranteed to have a bite full of heaven with everything spoonful. (And his suggestion to add a scoop of ice cream and call it dessert? Genius.)

We don’t know about you, but we’ll definitely be making this french toast for an extra-delicious Valentine’s Day meal.

Get Jamie Oliver’s Chocolate & Banana French Toast recipe.

Before you go, check out the gallery below:

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