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Martha Stewart’s Luxurious Red Velvet Cake Is the Ultimate Valentine’s Day Dessert

It’s officially February, and you know what that means. If it hasn’t already, pink and red themed foods and gifts will begin popping up inside all of your local shops. Of course, Valentine’s Day is a holiday dominated by sweet treats. From heart-shaped macarons to hot chocolate bombs, a sugar rush is basically a requirement for your Valentine’s Day celebration. If you have plans to bake your heart away this season, then you know that there is one cake at the center of this loved-filled day and its coloring even matches the holiday. Red velvet is the perfect (and classic) cake to make for your family or loved one this February 14 and Martha Stewart’s red velvet sheet cake recipe contains less food coloring than most.

Stewart shared her delicious cake on Instagram writing, “With less food coloring than traditional recipes call for, this red velvet looks more like an elegant mauve velvet. Plus, the balance of cocoa powder, butter, sugar, eggs, and sour cream gives this red velvet an almost fudgy flavor. Then swoops of tangy cream-cheese frosting offset the cake’s richness, as well as its striking hue.” Our stomachs are rumbling just thinking about making this. We can smell the cocoa already.

Having less artificial coloring than most (only one tablespoon), this recipe’s less intense color does not translate to its flavor. The rich cream cheese and sugar ratio is unbeatable in this dessert; the sweetness and tang balance one another beautifully. If you love red velvet then this recipe may very well become a go-to in your household.

Check out Martha Stewart’s Red Velvet Sheet Cake.

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