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Martha Stewart’s Mushroom Packed Bolognese Is the Ultimate Meatless Monday Meal

I don’t know about your family, but in our house, pasta night is the best night. The kids love to eat it, the adults love to make it — it’s a win-win all around. However, finding vegetarian dishes for meatless Monday (there are only so many veggie burger recipes to try) that the whole family will enjoy isn’t always the easiest. It is never a simple task to find meat substitutes and store-bought vegetarian goods that fuel those meat cravings. Sometimes the best way to get that umami flavor is through cooking a homemade meal. If you are looking for a vegetarian spin on a classic Italian staple then Martha Stewart’s mushroom-packed bolognese is the perfect dish for you to make.

Stewart shared her creation on Instagram writing, “Finely chopped cremini mushrooms boost the savory factor in this rich and saucy vegetarian Bolognese. It coats and clings to noodles and is an excellent base for lasagna, so make sure to use up the extra sauce for meals on the fly.”

Mushrooms are a great way to get that umami flavor and meat texture in a dish. The ground cremini mushrooms in this are easily disguised as ground beef, so your kids will never know that their favorite pasta is actually packed with veggies. If you are worried about having too much sauce, don’t be. This Bolognese is great for Sunday night dinner as its leftovers can be used to make easy weeknight meals. Stewart emphasizes that it can indeed be used in many dishes, “You can quickly combine it with fiber-rich grains to bake inside bell peppers, or serve it on sliced, sautéed polenta rounds.” Both of those sound delicious and easy!

Spaghetti Bolognese is a dish people ages two to 100 can enjoy and those of you struggling to find some simple vegetarian meals need to try this one out for yourselves, you surely won’t be disappointed.

Check out Martha Stewart’s Vegetarian Bolognese.

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