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This is What Everyone Will Be Ordering on Super Bowl Sunday, According to DoorDash

When we think about game day snacks, our mind immediately goes to two places: awesome frozen snacks from places like Trader Joe’s and Aldi, and hot wings ordered from our favorite local delivery spot. But according to DoorDash, wings aren’t the most popular game day snack anymore. They just shared their list of the most popular game day eats, and while we’re deciding what to serve at our Super Bowl party, we thought there was no better time to examine the most popular foods to eat while watching sports so we can finalize our menu.

First of all, the big bombshell they dropped is that wings are out. Out of first place, that is. The new first place favorite for game day snackers is one of our lifelong obsessions: mozzarella sticks. Crispy on the outside, gooey and cheesy on the inside, and impossible not to love. Wings did still make the list of top game day eats nationwide, but not the traditional Buffalo wings you might be thinking of. Instead, hungry sports fans are opting for an even easier-to-eat protein: boneless wings, which came in second place behind mozzarella sticks. Rounding out the list were other classic favorites like chips and salsa, jalapeño poppers, and curly fries.

There were a few surprising foods that made the most-popular list. Some people are apparently ordering things like Caesar salad, chicken pot pie, and salmon to eat while watching the big game. We’re not here to shame anyone, but salmon? That’s a little high-brow for football. The Super Bowl is like the one day a year when we can get away with eating nothing but appetizers and snacks for every meal, but you do you!

Another surprising find is that Americans are ordering more desserts on game days. Maybe it’s because we’ve all been craving more comfort foods recently? Either way, items like churros, brownies, and even banana pudding are proving to be hits with sports lovers.

What are you ordering or serving for your Super Bowl party? If you haven’t already decided, it sounds like you should be sure to add some mozzarella sticks and brownies to the menu.

Before you go, check out the gallery below:

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