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Jamie Oliver’s Veggie Quesadillas Are an Easy Way to Turn Leftover Veggies Into a 5-Star Meal

How many times have you optimistically bought loads of veggies and then ended up tossing some of them, spoiled and uneaten, weeks later? It’s easy to overestimate the amount of fresh vegetables you need and end up with a graveyard of salad fixings in the produce drawers of your fridge. But food waste is bad — for the planet and for the wallet — and something we’re striving mightily to reduce. That’s why any recipe that gives us inspiration to use up leftover veggies is welcome, and Jamie Oliver’s latest recipe is a great way to take all those about-to-turn veggies, throw them together, and create an easy, delicious meal. Meet: Oliver’s veggie quesadilla.

Oliver shared his veggie quesadilla recipe on Instagram and it looks seriously gourmet (but is so easy to make). His recipe includes carrots, leeks, and peppers, but on his website he emphasized how you can use pretty much any veggies you’ve got lying around. “I’ve used leeks because I didn’t have spring onions or onions, so use whatever you’ve got. Any colour of peppers would be delicious here, and if you don’t have fresh, jarred peppers would also work a treat.”

This meal is fun for anyone who enjoys experimenting with recipes, and it’s super-customizable for those of you who’ve got picky eaters in your household. And the best part — aside from being a delicious way to rescue veggies on the brink of going bad — is that it only takes thirty minutes to prep and make. So if you’re in a pinch and looking for something quick you can make with whatever you have in your house, give this one a try.

Get Jamie Oliver’s Veggie Quesadilla recipe.

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