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Martha Stewart’s Latest Video Shows How to Make ‘The Perfect Salmon’

Martha Stewart is our guide to pretty much all things in the kitchen (not to mention the rest of the home), so when she — or someone on her talented team — tells us there’s a better way to cook salmon, we’re inclined to believe her. The lifestyle mogul is always sharing her best tips and tricks on Instagram, so when we saw that she dropped a new Kitchen Conundrums video featuring Culinary Director Thomas Joseph explaining and demonstrating how to make the “perfect” salmon, we sat down to to take note. If making fish isn’t exactly your forte, you’re not alone. In fact, Joseph says in the clip that it’s one of “the most challenging things to cook at home,” but with the help of these incredible tips, you’ll be a pro in no time.

“When you roast a piece of salmon properly, the result is so tender it verges on buttery. Watch culinary director @tojo827 make this recipe with succulent spring onions, cooking them until they’re caramelized, making a delicious accompaniment.” Stewart wrote on Instagram.

In the video, Joseph begins to prepare salmon with roasted alliums and a mint-caper pesto — but even if that exact recipe doesn’t speak to you, Joseph’s basic tips on how to perfectly roast salmon are a must for any fish-lover. He begins by explaining that a common problem while cooking salmon is that it can easily get too oily. One mistake he says is common — especially with a fatty fish like salmon — is cooking it at too high of a temperature, which makes the exterior of the fish dry and crumbly. He added that sometimes white fat from the salmon fillet oozes out, which means you’ve overcooked your salmon.

Another gem of wisdom Joseph shares in the video gently blots excess moisture off the salmon with a paper towel to avoid steaming. He also gives an easy tip on how to test for doneness that doesn’t require a meat thermometer: Sticking a sharp metal knife into the thickest part of the salmon and testing how hot it is with your finger. Easy, and brilliant!

The video is packed with tips that are sure to make your next salmon dish better than your last. We can’t wait to try it out for ourselves!

Watch the video, and get Martha Stewart’s Roasted Salmon with Mint-Caper Pesto recipe.

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