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Trader Joe’s Has Heart-Shaped Macarons Just in Time for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is coming up, and our sweet tooth is already having a field day with all the incredible goodies stores have in stock right now. Trader Joe’s has been dropping some serious heat with its Valentine’s Day product lineup, and now they’ve done it again (though are we really surprised?). The retailer is selling all the best gifts for the holiday, from pink frosted cupcakes to X and O gummies to themed greeting cards; and now Trader Joe’s has followed Costco’s lead and is selling the pastry of our dreams: heart-shaped macarons. Ooh la la! J’adore!

“❤️NEW❤️ HEART SHAPED MACARONS,” crowed TJ’s fan account @traderjoeslist, adding, “The only hearts I care to eat these days 😂 🤨 But seriously, these are so cute!! I want to put them on one of the smaller olive wood cutting boards and do a photo shoot.”

Actually, that’s an idea we can get behind! We’ve been all about themed food boards lately, and these heart-shaped treats are guaranteed to look so chic as part of an array of pink, red, and white goodies. (Seriously, how amazing would a Trader Joe’s Valentine’s Day-themed grazing board be?)

The french pastry comes in a pack of eight, and each box includes two different flavors: vanilla creme and strawberry — which are classic fillings macaron lovers can never go wrong with. And as one IG commenter pointed out, the box is priced at a very affordable $4.99. So go ahead and treat yourself or your favorite Valentine.

Before you go, check out all of the Trader Joe’s products you can shop right at Walmart:

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