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Aldi Is Selling Two New Chip Flavors That Taste Like Our Favorite Sandwiches

Aldi’s innovative snacks are here to save us from our pandemic boredom and this latest find is sure to satisfy. Aldi has just released two more flavors of their famous kettle chips that will knock your socks off, especially if you are a sandwich lover. The brand new chips come in Nashville Hot Chicken and Cuban Sandwich flavors…talk about deliciously weird!

The Aldi Instagram fan account @aldifavoritefinds shared the chips with its followers. “Yesterday I bought both of these chips for my husband. He tried both of them last night. He thought the Nashville Hot Chicken was good but it just tasted like a spicy chip not chicken,” the fan account wrote.

“I have never had a Cuban sandwich and I have no idea what is in one but I trusted his opinion when he tasted the Cuban sandwich chips and said I would like them. Oh my goodness they were delicious! I mostly tasted pickle and mustard but it was a great flavor combination.” OK, We’re sold!

Nashville Hot Chicken has been increasing in popularity for a few years now so it’s no wonder Aldi wanted to turn its delicious flavors into a potato chip. As spicy-anything-lovers, we are most excited about this option but we’re willing to bet celeb chef Rachael Ray would prefer the Cuban-flavored option considering she recently shared a recipe for a new twist on the Cubano sandwich to her Instagram feed.

I think it’s safe to assume these unconventional chips are likely to fly off the shelves, so head to your local Aldi to pick them up before they’re gone.

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