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How to Pull Off the Reverse Seared Steak Trend That’s Taking Over TikTok

When we really want to treat ourselves to a fancy meal, whether we’re celebrating a birthday, a work achievement, or ourselves (hey, sometimes just being here is worthy of celebration!), we make steak. Ribeye, T-bone, porterhouse – nothing beats a thick cut of steak seared to perfection. But getting that steakhouse sear at home isn’t easy, and nothing is more disappointng than dropping big money on a fancy steak only to have it turn out gray and overcooked. But the reverse sear method, which has gone totally viral on cooking TikTok, can help you achieve perfection: a steak that’s perfectly browned and crusty on the outside, and tender and cooked to your prefered doneness inside. Here’s how.

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The key is to cook your seasoned steak initially to just below your ideal internal temperature – this recipe calls for baking the steak in a 225 degree oven it until it’s 110 degrees inside (use a probe thermometer
for accuracy), which is below the 120-130 degrees of a rare steak.

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Then, you transfer the steak to a ripping hot cast iron skillet (like this one from Lodge
), and sear it on each side for about a minute and a half. Don’t forget to use tongs to sear the fat cap on the sides of your steak, too – that sizzling, rendered fat is what gives cuts like ribeye so much flavor.

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Once your steaks are seared, remove them from the pan and let them rest for a bit. Then, you can add them back to the pan with butter, herbs, and garlic, and butter baste them on medium heat until glazed (that’s how they get such amazing flavor when you order steak at a restaurant).

This method helps ensure that your steak is cooked evenly inside, instead of accidentally winding up with meat that’s overcooked and tough on the exterior, but raw in the middle, which can happen when trying to cook a thick steak on the stove top the traditional way.

You wind up with evenly cooked, juicy meat, with a golden-brown exterior that’s just bursting with flavor. Now that’s worth celebrating, wouldn’t you agree?

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