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How This Next-Level CBD Drink Enhancer Made Me (Almost) Forget About Alcohol

If you drink alcohol, then at some point, you’ve likely tried to drink less of it (raises hand). And during a time when I’ve reached for a nightcap more than ever, I finally decided it was time to put the breaks on the booze and find an alternative to coping with boredom, stress, and whatever other excuse I gave myself to indulge in spirits. But where in the world to start?

Spoiler: I didn’t take a magical pill that completely erased my desire for an Aperol Spritz or spicy margarita—I will never give those precious little luxuries up for good. Instead, I incorporated Zolt’s CBD drink mixers into my daily routine, and somehow, my alcohol cravings began to fade away. These drink enhancers aim to help with sleep, energy, and finding some zen during the day, which is something we all could use.

The Variety Pack ($40) includes seven different types of water-soluble sticks made with organic antioxidants and adaptogens to help you feel your best from sun up to sun down. You can also buy each flavor individually, and opt for the subscription so you never run out. Each packet has 20mg of hemp extract and is formulated with all-natural flavors with no trace of bitter, earthy aromas so many CBD products have. To drink, simply mix the packet with 16-ounces of hot or cold water, and drink up.

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My top pick is Balance Coconut (there’s an unflavored Balance option too), which is the CBD-only blend that works just as well in plain water as it does in a smoothie. The refreshing coconut flavor tastes like a virgin Piña Colada with added health benefits. Since I’m long overdue for a tropical vacation, this was a nice little nod to my favorite beach drink. This flavor helped me get through mid-day jitters and was a refreshing post-dance-cardio treat.

Rise is another one of my favorites, which gave my AM hot lemon water a run for its money. With 73mg of caffeine and 10mg of guarana, it gave me the boost I needed to wake up with ease (and I am not a morning person). And for all you insomniacs out there: Dreamy is a soothing honey-citrus bedtime cocktail made with 3mg of melatonin that’ll lull you to sleep in no time.

Will I still participate in a post-workout happy hour? No doubt, but now I have an alternative option that I actually look forward to drinking that also nourishes my mind and body at the same time.

After trying these CBD drink enhancers for a couple weeks, I realized it’s not so much the alcohol that I crave (I’m not saying it’s not fun to drink a few cocktails here and there) but more so the act of creating a fun drink that I can chill out with that I look forward to. And these flavor-packed CBD drink supplements offer that same experience, but without the hangover or sluggish feeling the next day. A win-win in my book.

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