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Aldi Is Bringing Back a Snack That Trader Joe’s Fans Will Love

If you’re watching a movie, want a quick snack or just craving a crunchy, savory treat then you have got to check out Aldi’s pickle flavored popcorn. I know…that may sound a little strange, but if it is anything like the Trader Joe’s version (which is a huge fan favorite) then we are so here for it. This isn’t the first time the item has hit the shelves, meaning it must be pretty dang good since it is being brought back.

The official Aldi Instagram account shared the exciting news that it will be bringing its pickle popcorn back on January 20. “Deep breath in, deep breath out. Pickle popcorn is back in stores on 1/20. #ALDIFinds 🍿😋.” Aldi fans seem just as pumped in the comment section. One writing, “I texted my friend when I saw the pickle popcorn this past weekend ❤️ I’m ashamed to say I’ve already eaten a whole bag since Saturday 😂” Another fan wrote, “😍😍😍😍😍 I HOARD THIS when I see it! I’m SO ADDICTED.” This is just a taste of the excitement and hype surrounding this delicious snack and we seriously cannot wait to try it.

If you love pickled flavored anything then you are sure to be obsessed with this find. Trader Joes has a similar fan favorite by the name of “Popcorn in a Pickle.” If you have had that, then you will definitely love this Aldi’s version and its sweet price tag (which is less than two dollars!) Definitely stop by your local Aldi’s because this beloved snack is sure to sell out fast.

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