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Prep Giada De Laurentiis’ Turkey Meatballs Now for Easy Weeknight Dinners

Weeknight dinners are so stressful. No one likes coming home and having to spend hours making a satisfying home-cooked meal for a hangry family. You want easy, you want quick, you want painless. Well, Giada De Laurentiis has the perfect recipe for meal-prep that is sure to speed up your cooking process.

De Laurentiis’ Giadzy Instagram account shared the celebrity chef’s recipe for classic turkey meatballs, writing, “@Giadadelaurentiis‘ classic turkey meatballs are one of our favorite things to make on a Sunday for future meals throughout the week!” Great minds think alike. When you need a quick pasta dish, having the meatballs pre-done exponentially speeds up the process. It really does make a classic Italian dish like spaghetti and meatballs very painless. (Also, it seems like De Laurentiis has been on a serious meatball kick ever since she got back from Italy with Bobby Flay — and we are totally here for it.)

In terms of time, with most meal prep, it isn’t a super quick process. But when you think about the time you can save by prepping, it really is so worth that extra thirty minutes or so. This recipe is pretty easy. It only takes around an hour and a half to prep and cook! It pairs well with pasta and is an amazing topping to pizza. Don’t worry, it can also be the star of the show – such as in a meatball sub (um yum, yes please!) This versatile dish is worth every minute of labor because the taste is exquisite. Seriously, what beats coming home after a long day and having a homecooked meal (pretty much) ready to eat? Nothing. The answer is nothing.

Check out Giada De Laurentiis’ Turkey Meatball Recipe

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