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Martha Stewart’s Creamy Potato Gratin Is a Show-Stopping Side Dish

Like every superhero, every great meal needs the perfect side dish (or shall I say kick) to complement its flavors. Finding that isn’t always the easiest, but Martha Stewart has made our potato fantasies a reality with her Creamy Potato Gratin recipe that’s a total twist on the original. Stewart enjoys making things her own and in this dish, she replaces cream and breadcrumbs for chicken broth and matzo meal. I swear she is seriously a creative genius. It elevates the classic and is a true step up from a traditional side like mashed or baked potatoes.

Stewart posted the delicious recipe on Instagram, writing “Time to break out your mandoline! Turn your vegetables into a comforting dish that everyone will love by baking them into a creamy gratin. Chicken broth and matzo meal take the place of the usual cream and breadcrumbs in this potato kugel gratin, and the results are nothing short of spectacular.” I don’t know about you but mandolines can be such scary kitchen devices to break out, but the fear is worth the reward in this case. You just can’t get the same thin slices using a knife.

This dish is definitely a labor of love, taking 45 minutes to prep and two-and-a-half hours total. But it really is worth it! Besides the obvious salt and pepper, potatoes, and oil, the ingredient list is quite short. All you need is thyme, eggs, chicken broth, shallots, and matzo meal.  All in all, you’ve gotta try this one out for yourself at home.

Check out Martha Stewart’s Creamy Potato Gratin Recipe.

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