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Costco is Selling Bake-at-Home Sourdough Because Yes, We’re Still Making Bread in 2021

Look, we’re all here for sourdough starter and the homemade bread trend that emerged out of our quarantine boredom. Nothing beats the smell of fresh bread baking in the oven, and when you make it yourself, it always seems to taste better. But will we be continuing this trend in 2021? For the time being, it seems the answer is yes. Do we hope that, a few months from now, the amount of free time we dedicate to baking that scrumptious bread will be limited; replaced by, oh, you know, everything else we used to do? Also yes. But leave it to Costco to present the perfect happy medium: organic, bake-at-home sourdough bread! Biting into a crunchy, warm piece of sourdough just became way less time-consuming, and we’re ready for it.

The popular Instagram account @costco_doesitagain shared the find, captioning the post “The BEST #organic sourdough! 🍞😍 #costco #costcodoesitagain” and people in the comments seemed very excited about it. One user tagging a friend, writing: “I wanna try this lend me your Costco card lol” while another commented, “Its like they made this for me!”

The best part about this bread is that the only step to enjoying it is heating it — you can bake it, toast it, or even grill it. It also comes in packs of three, so you’ll always have fresh bread on hands for whenever you need it.

Bread making is loaves of fun (sorry, couldn’t resist), so here’s to hoping this popular obsession never dies. However, it’s totally okay to ditch that sourdough starter for a stress-free, delicious bake-at-home option, too.

Satisfy your sweet tooth with more awesome Costco bakery items seen in the gallery below.

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