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This Genius Wrap Hack Just Went Viral On TikTok & It We’re Obsessed

Tiktok has definitely helped us survive quarantine with its funny content, enjoyable dances, and — maybe our favorite of all — cool food trends. Food TikToks have a special place in our hearts, and they are an amazing way to find fun, new recipes and hacks. (Hot cocoa bombs, we’re still looking at you!) Now, a video showing a genius hack for wraps just went viral on the app, and we had to share it because it’ll make your sad pandemic WFH lunch a little (okay, a lot) better.

It’s an innovative way to wrap your wrap (see what I did there?). User @ellcarter1 shared her video of the hack and it blew up. I think we all can agree that any trick that makes cooking fast and easy is worth a watch. But the TL;DR version is this: Instead of piling all your ingredients into the center and giving your tortilla a good roll, try this 3-step trick instead: Cut your tortilla lengthwise to the center, then fill each quadrant with the different ingredients going into the wrap, then fold clockwise! Pop it in a panini press or enjoy it cold! @ellcarter1 is seen making a breakfast burrito in the video, but any ingredients work. This hack is seriously a great, easy way to separate the flavors in your wrap and avoid the horrid spillage that can occur. Definitely check out the video below for a better idea on how to successfully attempt this.


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We spent way too much time last year exploring the best TikTok food trends — from the aforementioned hot cocoa bombs to whipped coffee — and TBH, we don’t really expect this year to be any different. So keep these coming, TikTok foodies. We’re ready for all of the weird, wonderful, and delicious videos you’ve got.

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