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This New Trader Joe’s Shakshuka Starter Is A Whole30-Friendly Meal Shortcut (And So Cheap!)

Why does it so often seem that the easiest meals are also the least nutritious? Sure, they might taste good, but sometimes we want a meal that has nutritious ingredients that will power us through the day, not something that will satisfy our tastebuds but leave us in a food coma when we should be working (that’s what weekends are for!). Enter Trader Joe’s. They’ve long been one of our favorite sources for easy yet wholesome meal shortcuts, and their new Shakshuka Starter kit is the latest addition to their selection of tasty, veggie-filled recipe starters.

Trader Joe’s Shakshuka Starter kit is described as a “spiced stew of tomatoes and peppers,” the traditional base of Shakshuka, a Middle Eastern egg and tomato stew. The TJ’s version comes frozen, and asks you to add your own eggs, but because it’s such a blank slate, you can turn it into a bunch of different meals. It’s even Whole30-compliant, and if you don’t add eggs, the base itself is vegan.

For breakfast, yes, add eggs. But you could also turn it into a hearty dinner by supplementing the stew and eggs with naan bread or toasted sourdough, adding a sprinkle of feta if you’re feeling fancy.

You could use the shakshuka as the base of a stew filled with tofu or paneer, your favorite frozen veggies, and a sprinkle of fresh herbs; you could even add coconut milk and Indian spices to make an easy weeknight curry.

One issue we often have with meal shortcuts is that convenience comes with a cost, but this shakshuka starter from Trader Joe’s is surprisingly affordable. At just $1.99, it’s a lot cheaper than many of our favorite jarred sauces and spice packet blends that we tend to rely on for weeknight cooking. Add in a couple of eggs, and you have an incredibly economical meal packed with protein, vitamins, and most importantly, flavor.

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