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Martha Stewart Has the Perfect NYE Recipes for an Intimate, At-Home Celebration

This New Year’s Eve, the hottest club is called At-Home — and it has everything: bottomless drinks, casual AF attire (read: PJs and no bra), and all the hors d’oeuvres you could ever want (and by that, we mean a smorgasbord of meats and cheeses and crackers and dips and spreads from Trader Joe’s). And while we may have the party planned to a T, there’s one part that has us admittedly scratching our heads: What does one make and serve for dinner on NYE for a small, intimate, at-home celebration? Well, thanks to Martha Stewart, we now have a few ideas.

For your party-for-two (maybe three, maybe four), Stewart has just the recipes that are not only relatively easy for a home chef to make but also decadent enough to ring in the New Year. Like you, we also considered ordering a pizza, but come on! We all deserve to treat ourselves to a drool-worthy homemade meal after this past year. With that said, let’s start with Stewart’s baked chicken legs dish.

Baked Chicken Legs with Chickpeas, Olives, and Greens

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This easy one-pan Mediterranean-inspired meal combines all of your favorite flavors, from coriander and orange zest-seasoned chicken legs to roasted chickpeas. Toss all the ingredients in a pan, bake for a few hours, and you have yourself juicy chicken just waiting to be devoured.

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Chicken-and-Polenta Puttanesca Melts

Love the idea of serving chicken but would rather not spend three hours cooking? No problem, opt for Stewart’s chicken and polenta puttanesca. This quick-and-easy cheesy dinner, which drenches puttanesca sauce over tender slices of polenta and thin chicken cutlets, comes together in under half an hour.

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Sauteed Black Sea Bass With Capers and Herb-Butter Sauce

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You can never go wrong with fish drenched in butter sauce — and Stewart’s Sauteed Black Sea Bass With Capers and Herb-Butter Sauce recipe boasts just that and so much more. Along with capers and fresh herbs, this meal-for-four takes less than 30 minutes to make, and you have some flexibility on the fish you choose, too. You can bake sea bass, trout, snapper, or any flaky white fish, really.

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Red Wine Pasta

Of course, you can combine your two favorite food groups for your NYE meal: red wine and pasta. Stewart’s 30-minute “drunken” pasta meal also features salty pancetta and Pecorino Romano cheese.

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And Stewart has plenty more NYE meals from which to choose — 31 total, in fact. Happy NYE!

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