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Martha Stewart Shares an Elegant Cocktail to Ring in The New Year With

We’re less than a week away from finally saying goodbye to 2020 and welcoming 2021 into our lives. We’re beyond ready to open our arms to all of the possibilities the new year will bring. This year challenged us in more ways than one and we’ll be celebrating the fact that we were able to get through it in the end. Find us on New Year’s Eve in our best outfit and with a cocktail in hand because we deserve it. If you’re looking for a fancy new cocktail that will look straight out of an extravagant hotel, Martha Stewart has got you covered (and she hasn’t let us down yet). TBH Stewart’s pink gin martini is the fun fruity drink we desperately needed and we can’t wait to make it. We only have one question: is it January 1st yet?

“This pretty-in-pink, elegant cocktail is perfect for New Year’s Eve. Shake it up with gin, kirsch, black vermouth, and aromatic bitters (Angostura bitters give this drink its lovely blush hue), then garnish with a lemon twist and maraschino cherries. 📷: @behindthedawn”

We can’t get over how totally Instagram-worthy this drink aesthetic is. All it takes is ten minutes and you’ll be able to take a sip from cocktail heaven. If you’re wondering what makes this beverage so picture-perfect colorful, the chef explains on her website that it is the Angostura bitters that give this drink its lovely blush hue.

The recipe calls for a splash of vermouth, blanc vermouth, and kirsch, which is a clear brandy distilled from cherries. All you need is to add your lemon twist and maraschino cherries on the top and you’re ready for the big night.

Get Martha Stweart’s Pink Gin Martini recipe.

Before you go, check out our slideshow below:

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