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Ina Garten Shares the No-Cook Meal She Makes When She Doesn’t Feel Like Doing Anything

Ina Garten seems to always have the answers. NPR’s recent podcast interview with Garten was very informative and full of recipes we cannot wait to try out! But let’s be honest, with the holiday season comes the stress of having to put together an extravagant meal to feed, and please the masses. But this year things are looking a little different, so maybe the meals can be different as well. Ina Garten has got us covered either way.

A listener wrote in to the 1A Podcast asking Garten what meal could be made when one doesn’t feel like cooking, but also doesn’t want to go out of the way to order takeout. She shared a recipe she had made with her husband recently that was a total hit! “Well you know, Jeffery and I did something the other night that was really fun. I made a big charcuterie board and a big salad and I did cheeses, and prosciutto, and salami, and clementines, and chutney, and cheddar” she shared,  “I made a big green salad that was basically arugula with a lemon vinaigrette and we had a wonderful dinner and a glass of wine and it was completely assembled, never turned on the stove and it just felt celebratory, so that might be a good idea!”

Ina Garten comes to the rescue, yet again, saving us the sweat and tears of a complex dinner and giving us an alternative that feels just as special to share with family and close friends around the holidays.

Before you go, check out Garten’s best dinner recipes below:

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