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Martha Stewart’s Slab Quiche Will Be Your New Brunch Favorite

Now that the rush of holiday cooking is over, we’re beyond ready to transition into easier and quick meals to prep. The less time we spend in the kitchen, the better, in our eyes — at least for now. (Hey, we need a break!) If you’re hoping to enjoy some lazier mornings over the next few days, brunch will be your new best friend. And if you’re looking for a new easy brunch recipe, consider Martha Stewart’s two-step Spinach and Cheddar Slab Quiche. Make it the day of or the day before, either way, Stewart promises a delicious mouthful every time, and we believe her.

Stewart shared the dish on Instagram and wrote, “This easy-to-assemble spinach-and-cheddar slab quiche is just the ticket for a Christmas morning. The filling calls for nearly a dozen eggs, along with frozen spinach, cheddar, and cream, and the crust is simply frozen puff pastry decorated with sesame seeds.” This quiche is meant for a crowd — or plenty of leftovers, which is never a bad thing.

And about that crust: The called-for sheet of store-bought, frozen all-butter puff pastry means this quiche is truly simple to put together. In the end, this meal will take you 20 minutes to prep in its entirety. As mentioned before, this is a make-ahead friendly recipe and you can make the pastry shell up to a day in advance. After baking, you’ll want to let it cool, wrap it in parchment-lined foil, and store at room temperature. Hello, easy Sunday brunch — or even weeknight dinner.

Stewart noted on her website that if you’re looking for another tasty variation of her recipe, you can use gruyere or fontina instead of cheddar.

Get Martha Stewart’s Spinach-and-Cheddar Slab Quiche recipe.

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