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Martha Stewart Puts a Surprising Twist on Traditional Beef Wellington (& You Can Make It Ahead of Time!)

Sure, we love presents, but if we’re honest, special dinners are always a highlight to the holidays. There’s something so special about coming together to enjoy a scrumptious meal. And while big holiday gatherings are quite literally off the table this year, that won’t stop us from enjoying a nice dinner. Martha Stewart has us covered there, with the perfect holiday dinner recipe. In many households, beef Wellington is a Christmas staple. But with the holidays being a little different this year, why not switch it up in the kitchen? Stewart’s Pork Wellington with Prosciutto and Spinach-Mushroom Stuffing is the perfect twist for this home-bound year.

Stewart shared the recipe on Instagram, captioning her post, “Instead of the usual Beef Wellington, why not surprise—and surely delight—your family with this pork version made with both a tenderloin and prosciutto? You can prepare the pork Wellington up through step three in advance so all you need to do is bake it before dinner.”

Woo hoo to that last part! Making intricate meals takes time; prepping ahead allows you to spend more time with your family and less time in the kitchen, which is always, to quote Martha herself, a good thing. This can be stored in the fridge up to one day, and the freezer up to a month. 

This pork tenderloin is stuffed with a mouth-watering mushroom and spinach combination that you just can’t beat. The prosciutto and puff pastry outer layer give it an amazing, succulent flavor. And there’s no denying it’ll be the show-stopping centerpiece of holiday meal. Finish with Stewart’s stunning 18-layer wreath cake, and dinner is done — extremely well!

Check out Martha Stewart’s Pork Wellington recipe.

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