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Jamie Oliver Just Put a New Spin on Sausage Rolls

We’ll admit, as we near the end of the year we’re beginning to feel a lot more sluggish. Daily tasks like cooking have become more of a hassle than usual and we’re looking for a quick way to get in and out of the kitchen. In times like these, we turn to our quick and easy recipes king, Jamie Oliver. The chef has a special knack for providing his followers with simple-to-whip-up recipes that don’t sacrifice their extraordinary tastiness and continually delight us. And his latest recipe is no different. Oliver shared his Homemade Sausage Rolls with a special spin that we’re totally digging: veggie rolls.

Oliver shared a video of himself preparing the savory treats on his Instagram, writing, “Homemade sausage rolls but this time of the VEGGIE kind!! You can’t beat them homemade. Just so so good, who always makes sausage rolls this time of year??” We all need a reminder to incorporate more veggies into our diet, and this is the perfect recipe to do so with. This four-step recipe is very simple to make despite the daunting title of homemade rolls.

In the clip, Oliver says, “It’s gorgeous. Puff pastry, beautiful roasted squash, chestnuts, cheese, beautiful sour cranberries. Unbelievable!” The ingredients are already some of our favorites and we know we’re going to love these faux sausage rolls. As for our vegan friends, the chef has got you covered. “If you are vegan, there are vegan puff pastries out there.”

The chef notes that roasted squash can be used for everything from soup to pasta sauce. “In this case, I’m going to use it to really be the body of this vegetarian sausage roll.”

The end result is a flavorful roll that gets better with every bite. Oliver credits the squash for its “sweetness and nuttiness” and the cranberries for its “pop.”

Get Jamie Oliver’s Veggie Sausage Roll recipe.

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