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And The Most Popular Dish of 2020, According to Grubhub, Is…

As Grubhub put it, “food was extra important in 2020” — and we couldn’t agree more. Not only did we embark on our journey as home chefs together, sharing our favorite recipes (dalgona coffee, anyone?) and hacks (with Ina Garten hailing as MVP, of course) for months on end, but we also ordered more takeout than ever from our favorite local restaurants, in an effort to help keep them afloat amid such a tumultuous pandemic. And during this year, more than ever, we relied on third-party delivery services to do just that. One of those apps included Grubhub, which recently released its annual Year in Food report, dishing on everything from the top trending dish of 2020 and the top dish in each state, to the top side dish and dessert, and the largest order of the year.

Grubhub’s top orders of 2020 were pretty unpredictable. Iced latte ranking just below steak quesadillas? Strawberry shakes ranking just above roast beef sandwiches? But, hey, 2020 was just that: unpredictable. So, we should be anything but surprised.

Top Orders of 2020

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Image: Grubhub. Grubhub.
  1. Spicy chicken sandwich: 318% more popular
  2. Chicken burrito bowl: 299% more popular
  3. Chicken wings: 287% more popular
  4. Waffle fries: 221% more popular
  5. Cold brew coffee: 206% more popular
  6. Steak quesadilla: 164% more popular
  7. Iced latte: 157% more popular
  8. Fish and chips: 146% more popular
  9. Strawberry shake: 131% more popular
  10. Roast beef sandwich: 126% more popular

Grubhub even launched an interactive map that reveals the top dish in each state. And apparently someone hurt New Hampshire this year because its top dish was eggplant parmesan, while states like Texas, Illinois, and Mississippi were living their best lives ordering shrimp and grits, hot chicken sandwiches, and cajun shrimp and chicken pasta, respectively.

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Image: Grubhub. Grubhub.

Some other unexpected top-placers include pina coladas ranking No. 2 in the Happy Hour @ Home category, which saw cocktails, beer, and wine rose rise nearly 300 percent compared to last year. We also saw strawberry cheesecake take the No. 1 spot in the Late Night category — and we can’t believe we didn’t hop on that bandwagon sooner.

Happy Hour @ Home

  1. Mangonada: 278% more popular
  2. Pina colada: 223% more popular
  3. Hard seltzer: 196% more popular
  4. Mexican beer: 161% more popular
  5. Rosé: 150% more popular

Even the breakfast category is comprised of some on-brand 2020 menu items. Sure, açaí bowls placed first, but it was closely followed by “f**k it” frozen mochas and comfort food items, like chorizo burritos, which saw a 304 percent spike this year.


  1. Acai bowl: 353% more popular
  2. Frozen mocha: 336% more popular
  3. Chorizo burrito: 304% more popular
  4. Potato pancake: 264% more popular
  5. Strawberry banana smoothie: 216% more popular

But the most interesting category of them all? The Largest Order category, which, this year, was topped by someone who ordered a whopping 300 bean burritos. Yep, just beans — no cheese, no sour cream, no rice. Just… beans. Runners-up included an order of 210 chocolate chip cookies.

Largest Order of 2020

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Image: Grubhub.
  1. 300 bean burritos
  2. 250 tacos
  3. 210 chocolate chip cookies
  4. 140 crunchy tacos
  5. 135 chicken sandwiches

But that’s enough from us. Head over to Grubhub’s report and take a look at all of the rankings for yourself.

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