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Jamie Oliver’s Christmas Tree Camembert Appetizer Is the Gooey Gift We Deserve

Jamie Oliver has an incredibly special way of making his cooking videos always look fun and full of joy, regardless of the dish. One of his best ways of doing so (and our favorite) is by adding his kids in the kitchen to help out. And when the recipe in question is a tear-and-share yummy appetizer — it only makes the process one thousand times more enjoyable. In a new video on Instagram, the British chef walked his followers through how to make his Christmas Tree Camembert recipe. In the clip, viewers can see wide gleaming eyes (mostly from Oliver making googly eyes at the fresh appetizer), and is sure to bring a smile to your face as well. Next time you’re running out of things to keep your little ones entertained, why not follow in Oliver’s footsteps and try out this holiday-themed recipe. Your kids (and their bellies) will thank you.

Sharing the video on Instagram, Oliver captioned his post, “Already a favourite for lots of you my easy tear ’n’ share bread with oozy Camembert you have to give it a go this Christmas. Fun for you and the kids! And that camembert for dunking is just brilliant !! Share this with your cheese-loving mates!”

The video begins with the chef reassuring his followers that his recipe is so simple to follow “you can even do it with one hand” he says as he holds his baby River with the other.

To make the appetizer, you’ll need to set aside only 15 minutes to prep and another 30 minutes for the snack to cook. Not only does the Camembert look delicious, but we’re also willing to bet it is just as tasty too.

TBH it’s the perfect fun finger food we need as we celebrate the holidays and the end of this very long year. What better way to ring in the holiday season than letting loose and getting dirty with our food (we all deserve it).

All we have to say is: We want to be as happy as Oliver is eating his Camembert.

Get Jamie Oliver’s Christmas Tree Camembert recipe. 

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