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Martha Stewart Shared a Family Cookie Recipe That Tastes Better Than it Looks

There’s nothing like the taste of warm cookies fresh out of the oven. The smell is divine and the baking process is just as fun. During quarantine, many of us have become self-certified baking experts, but there’s no snack as timeless as mastering perfect chocolate chip cookies. In a recent Instagram live video, Martha Stewart tackled her daughter Alexis’ “famous” recipe for brown sugar chocolate chip cookies and we’re willing to bet they’re mouthwateringly delicious. But Stewart’s Instagram followers had thoughts — and it seems there’s a chocolate chip cookie battle between the thin-and-crispy camp and those who prefer a thicker, chewier treat.

Underneath a picture of the cookies, the caption reads, “Did you catch @marthastewart48 on Instagram Live making her daughter’s famous brown sugar chocolate chip cookies and flourless chocolate cake? Watch the segment on our IGTV tab and get the recipes at the link in bio.”

Crisp, dunkable, and practically begging to be paired with milk? Yep, we’re on board. But the non-fluffy recipe is seemingly a deal-breaker for some. One user commented, “Nope. Flat overdone crispy cookies. Pass.” Another wrote, “Re the cookies: I try very hard NOT to make flat cookies 🙂 I’m sure they taste good, but most people try to avoid flat puddles of cookies.” Um…ouch.

Team thin-and-crispy came to Stewart’s defense, though, as, most of the commenters were positive — praising the cookies and saying they either couldn’t wait to try the recipe out, or that they already had, and it was a family favorite. And honestly? We’re with the commenter who wrote, “flat, thick, chewy, crunchy…they’re all good!”

Interestingly enough, you can make these cookies up to two days in advance (meal prep anyone?). Although the recipe only calls for 1 1/2 cups of chocolate chips, if you want your cookies to be extra chocolate-y you can follow Stewart’s own variation and use two full cups. De-lish!

Leave the cookies out for Santa or save them all for yourself, these cookies are bound to be gone before the sun rises either way.

Get Martha Stewart’s Daughter Alexis’ Brown Sugar Chocolate Chip Cookies recipe.


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