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Your Two Favorite Desserts Melded – Pumpkin Pie & Cheesecake at Costco

Trying to decide which dessert to make for Thanksgiving is always hard, but we usually churn out several pies so that every guest at the table can have a bite of their favorite. But this year, Thanksgiving looks a little different. Some of us aren’t even cooking, but still want the day to feel special. If that sounds like you, then you need to make a Costco run ASAP! That’s because they’ve brought back their pumpkin cheesecake just in time for Thanksgiving, and it’s so popular, chances are it’ll go fast.

This seasonal treat is seriously indulgent. Each cheesecake is nearly 5 pounds, and can be cut into about 16 slices. That’s enough to feed a crowd for one night, or to enjoy at a leisurely pace on Thanksgiving night and beyond.

The dessert features a pumpkin-flavored cheesecake with spiced sour cream topping piped along the top, all inside of a sweet graham cracker crust. Even better? It’s only $14.99 for the entire thing. Considering that a lot of stores try to get away with selling pies for around $20 during the holidays, that’s a pretty big steal. And forget about making it yourself – the ingredients for making a five pound cheesecake alone would cost more than $14.99!

This isn’t the only jumbo Thanksgiving dessert at Costco. They’re also selling enormous pecan pies for $13.99, and apple pies for $12.99, both of which also clock in at around 5 pounds each.

In a normal year, we’d probably consider buying all three. But this year, with our scaled-down feasts, we’re…okay, we admit it, we’re still considering buying all three! Who on earth can resist the allure of a triple-dessert meal? Thanksgiving is the one time all year that most of us allow ourselves this sort of indulgence, so if you decide to get the Costco pumpkin cheese cake, apple pie, and pecan pie for a humble feast for two, we’re not here to judge.

Let’s just hope Costco also has a deal on industrial-sized antacids, because after eating three desserts, we might need a little help.

Satisfy your sweet tooth with more awesome Costco bakery items seen in the gallery below.

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