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Jamie Oliver Shares the Perfect Sunday Dinner Recipe

If this year has taught us anything, it’s to remember to cherish every second of our family dinner time. Honestly, there’s nothing quite as precious as the time you get with your loved ones and the conversations you share over a meal. If you’re looking for a hearty new recipe to make for your fam, look no further. Jamie Oliver is the king of soul-warming family dinner recipes (sometimes he even lets his son Buddy share his own). And yes, folks — he’s done it again. On Instagram, the British chef shared a picture of his tasty Strozzapreti with mini meatballs and a baked cherry tomato sauce. Did anyone else’s stomach just start to growl or was that just us?

Sharing a snap of his mouthwatering pasta dish, Oliver wrote, “One of my favourites! A pasta dish that you just never forget. With mini meatballs and a baked cherry tomato sauce, you’ve got to try this over the weekend. P96 in #JamieCooksItaly…enjoy!”

This recipe might require you spending a little more time in slow-roasting the cherry tomatoes (Oliver’s recipe notes to set aside an hour and 30 minutes for this one). So it’s best to plan to make it on the weekends when you’re able to set aside the time.

After you taste a bit of the incredible flavor you get in return, we’re sure you’ll find the time spent worthwhile.

Since this is best served with your family, you should prepare for them to ask for seconds (or thirds). Don’t panic. Though the recipe serves four, it’s very easy to double up if your kiddos are feeling extra hungry this weekend.

Pair your pasta with some wine, sit back, and enjoy your family’s company.

Get Jamie Oliver’s Strozzapreti recipe.

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