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How a Smart Combination Oven Can Take Your Family Dinners to the Next Level

Scott Muska

Few times in the day or week bring more joy and togetherness to your home than evenings when everyone can sit down together to enjoy each other’s company over dinner. 

For many families, it’s an almost daily tradition, and while the food you serve isn’t always what makes the most lasting memories (though few will forget a night when their favorite dish has been perfectly done), it is, after all, called “Family Dinner,” and the dinner aspect itself is important.

If you have a smart, state-of-the-art oven like an LG combination double wall oven to help you prepare your family dinners, here are a few ways it can help you take every meal to the next level—no matter what you’re making or whose tastes you’re accommodating.

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Its versatility helps you make whatever you and your family are craving.

LG combination double wall ovens are called combination ovens for a reason: They’re one appliance that comes with two different ovens—and they actually have the versatile power of four.

That means you can make whatever dish your family is asking for, or what strikes your mood, be it a go-to recipe they’ve loved for years or something you’ve never tried before. Or, on some occasions, a combination of both. Essentially, nothing is off the table when it comes to what you’re ultimately able to put on the table.

You can accommodate different palates, simultaneously.

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Your family’s tastes, moods and desires might be a little bit eclectic. Someone may want steamed broccoli, while another wants not-too-crispy chicken nuggets, all while the rest of the crew are looking to dine on a noodle-based casserole.

LG combination double wall ovens can help you make and serve a smorgasbord of different options so that everyone will have a little bit of what they want, leaving the table full and happy.

You can use the True Convection oven that delivers precise heat for dishes that you want to be crisp on the outside but moist and delicious on the inside. Then there’s the TurboCook speed oven that heats up super fast and produces oven-quality results every time, enabling you to bake, for example, an entire chicken in about half the time you’re used to!

Then you can bring into the fold the healthy steam cooking feature for evenly distributed moisture to make something like steamed shrimp with your favorite species.

There’s also a conventional microwave oven that is always ready to lend a mechanical hand for super-easy everyday cooking and reheating.

It helps get gourmet meals on the table, fast.

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You don’t always have a ton of time on your hands to make dinner, but LG combination double wall ovens help make it so you don’t have to spend more time cooking than is necessary. And the less time you spend cooking, the more time you’ll get to spend with family, even if it happens during the cooking or baking process itself.

LG combination double wall ovens employ an Infrared Heating system that makes preheating a thing of the past, and prepares food fast. The ovens can actually help you cook 2-4 times faster*, without any sacrifice when it comes to taste, quality or thoroughness.

It helps ensure your dishes will never be overdone.

LG combination double wall ovens stop cooking automatically whenever your food reaches its set temperature, so you can dial in your settings and then walk away without worry. And if you want to give your food a quick look to see how it’s heating up, you can use the WideView window to check on whatever you’re making without opening the oven and letting out any heat.

Presets help take out the guesswork, and make for perfect preparation.

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LG combination double wall ovens offer more than 50 preset options, enabling you to easily program your oven to cook a broad selection of dishes without having to put time into guesswork or research—whether you’re making something frozen or fresh, an app to an entree, reheating, melting or pretty much anything in between.

Its smart features help make it easy to multitask.

LG combination double wall ovens sync with the LG SmartThingQ app, enabling you to start the oven, set timers and check on how your meal is progressing from wherever you may be. This way, you can take care of other tasks and errands, or spend more time with family, all while you’re preparing dinner for the whole crew.

You can also get a little bit inspired with access to thousands of recipes through apps like SideChef and Innit, and then automatically send temperatures and cook times to your oven without even having to re-enter the kitchen. 

Some of the oven features even work with Alexa and Google Assistant, so you can program settings using only your voice.

It cleans up after itself.

Which might be more than you can say for some of your family members!

The LG EasyClean feature cleans your oven with, well, plenty of ease. All you have to do is spray the interior with some water, press a button and then come back at your convenience to wipe away whatever grime might be left over.

If you’re ready to update and upgrade your kitchen’s oven and take your family dinners to the next level, there are plenty of LG combination double wall ovens available to fit you and your family’s wants and needs—and help you serve a memorable meal every evening.

*Based on LG internal testing comparing LG combi wall oven LWC3063BD to a conventional LG double wall oven LWD3063ST.

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