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Trader Joe’s Is Now Selling 3 Kinds of Eggnog That Will Spice Up Your Holidays

If you’re like us, you’re already starting to fill up your cabinets with all kinds of exciting holiday goodies. We’ve had our fair share of all things pumpkin for a while, but now we’re looking to switch things up. Trader Joe’s (as usual) has been nailing all of our favorite treats recently (i.e these fantastic boozy chocolates) so it’s no surprise that they have done it again with a special treat in the nutmeg variety. That’s right, they’ve answered our prayers and their eggnog is back on shelves for the holiday season in three yummy variations — and they’re all definitely ones you’ll want to stock up on!

Instagram fan account @traderjoes_addict spotted the wonderful eggnog boxes at their local Trader Joe’s. “Pick a ‘nog, any ‘nog! Eggnog is fully stocked and ready to spice up your holiday season,” wrote @traderjoes_addict.

Before we get into the awesome new flavors, it would be a crime not to mention the adorable boxes they come in. Adorable cows and almonds wearing scarves are actually enough to make me want to buy it all — nice play Trader Joe’s.

As mentioned before, the eggnog comes in three different varieties: their classic rich and creamy eggnog, a lighter version, and a dairy-free almond eggnog

The light eggnog features 90% less fat and 40% fewer calories and we’re honestly so thrilled to see a non-dairy option in the eggnog rotation.

Of course, all three flavors come with Trader Joe’s infamously low prices and are only $2.99 per carton. Whether you choose to drink it straight, cook with it, or spike it with your favorite bottle of rum — this eggnog is a must-have this holiday season.

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