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Costco is Now Selling This Rare Bottle of Prosecco

I mean, honestly, has Costco ever let us down? The answer is a resounding “No.” We know we can always count on the warehouse giant to give us the absolute best deals on just about everything (like these amazing Christmas gifts). And yes folks, Costco has done it again! They are back with yet another unforgettable deal we’re truly obsessed with — a magnificent 3-liter bottle of prosecco for only $29.99. We’ll toast to that!

Costco fan account @costco_empties posted this photo of the retailer’s new Kirkland Signature Asolo Prosecco. “The fan-favorite Kirkland Signature Prosecco is now available in huge 3L bottles just in time for the holidays! Each 3L bottle is equal to 4 750mL bottles,” wrote the Instagrammer.

Right about now, you’re probably trying to picture just about how many glasses of prosecco this giant bottle well serve.  By buying this 3L bottle, you’ll get about 24 glasses  — a normal bottle typically serving six.

At a steal of $29.99, this alcoholic must-have is one we’ll be buying (more than one of) ASAP.

Just the sight of this impressively large bottle has us giddy with all of the possibilities. Will we use it for a round of mimosas? Perhaps a Christmas gift? Or even as a New Year’s toast? The possibilities are endless with this wonderful bottle.

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