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I Tried Trader’s Joe’s Instant Cold Brew & I’m a Convert

Yes, I am one of those people who will still order an ice-cold coffee in the middle of winter. Hot coffee has no place in my house — iced coffee is always welcome but it’s cold brew that reigns supreme. I love its smoothness and low acidity and as soon as I spot a new cold brew on store shelves, I have to try it and see if it lives up to my all-time favorite cold brew from Wegmans. I was scrolling through Instagram last month when I saw a new product alert for Trader Joe’s Instant Cold Brew. I was skeptical because I’ve never had a good experience with instant coffee but because I love cold brew and I love Trader Joe’s, I picked it up the next day.

For $3.99 per jar, you actually get a lot of instant coffee and the instructions are simple — just mix a heaping teaspoon of the instant cold brew with 12 oz of cold water, stir and add ice. I was afraid the coffee would be weak so I added a heaping 1/2 tablespoon and took a sip. First thoughts? OK, I did not need to add extra and also, what kind of sorcery did they use to make instant coffee taste this amazing?!

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Image: Kenzie Mastroe/SheKnows.

Because I was a little heavy-handed with the coffee, I added Trader Joe’s Maple Oat Milk to balance it out a little bit and it truly tasted like something you would get from a coffee shop. The next time I made it I used the recommended amount of instant coffee and it was delicious without any milk or creamer added.

Not only is this one of the most affordable cold brew options at Trader Joe’s, it’s by far the most delicious. Its bold flavor, smoothness and delicate sweetness earns it an official (and totally made up) food editor score of 12/10.

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