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Martha Stewart’s Easy Apple Sundaes Are the Comforting Treat We All Need Right Now

Baked goods have a way of making everything a little better, at least for a moment. If you’re feeling stressed with everything going on (i.e. pending election results, pandemic, or just everyday troubles) you’re not alone. Lucky for us, Martha Stewart has been showing us so many amazing cakes lately with the release of her brand-new cookbook, Cake Perfection. I mean her showstopping carrot cake and chocolate Texas sheet cake blew our minds to say the least. And thanks to her newest apple sundae recipe, we now have the perfect afternoon pick-me-up we’ve been missing.

One look at Stewart’s latest Instagram post already has us drooling. “Take a break from election coverage and treat yourself to a mid-afternoon pick-me-up! Today on #homeschoolwithmartha, associate digital editor @_kellyvaughan shows us how to make a classic fall treat: apple sundaes with a delicious cider caramel sauce,” Stewart wrote on Instagram. “Baked with butter, sugar, ginger, and cinnamon, the fruit goes soft and spicy before you finish it with a rich caramel sauce that’s mostly made in the oven, and then it’s topped with vanilla ice cream!”

Ice cream, cider caramel sauce, AND ginger? Yes, please!

The prep time is a lovely 15 minutes and is extremely easy to make. Best of all, this recipe is only three steps (and consists of ingredients you might already have in your kitchen). So you can quickly prep during your lunch break for your kiddos or as you take a mental health break while watching the election results continue to pour in.

You’ll begin by preheating your oven and stirring together sugar, butter, and apple cider vinegar. Then, you’ll peel and core apples and toss them with cinnamon, ginger, and salt in a bowl. With a parchment-lined foil, you’ll cover your apples and bake until they begin to soften and bubble.

The final result can include pairing your apples with ice cream, caramel sauce, or cookies. Sound too sweet?

You can find the full recipe for the Apple Sundaes here! Enjoy!

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