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Chrissy Teigen Shares a 3-ingredient Treat You Can Make for Halloween

The world has missed Chrissy Teigen’s during her social media hiatus. As the reigning queen of all things food and family, it only makes sense that she would create a fabulous spooky treat we can enjoy this Halloween. We love a good, easy to follow recipe that kids will love. Through her Instagram stories, Teigen walked her followers through the most amazing snack: Spider Zebra Cakes. And best of all, it’s only three ingredients.

The three ingredients needed for this recipe are: chocolate wafers, a tub of cool whip, and black licorice.

She begins by laying out chocolate waffles and squeezing an ample amount of cool whip with her plastic pastry bag on top of each cookie. “Cute!” an excited Teigen says.

Then she pushes the second cookie on top of the whipped cream. “I did a little too much cream, but who cares,” says Teigen. If for some reason you’re not the biggest fan of cool whip, you can always opt to use a less generous in your own concoction.

After, she repeats the process and adds a second layer of cookies and cream. Now, we get to the fun part. With the cream she has left over, the chef adds the eyes to her spooky treat.

Chrissy also gives her followers the choice in between Pocky or black licorice to make your cookie spider legs. “Black licorice would be best because it’s bendy, and will look like legs, but it tastes like shit.” If you’re feeling really creative, you can also add chocolate sprinkles to make your cookies a little more fun.

The final result is equally as adorable as it looks delicious. In the end, the Zebra Cake spiders have her son’s, Miles, stamp of approval by the looks of his face after his first bite. Yum!

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