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Jamie Oliver’s Son Buddy Makes Halloween Treats Your Kids Will Love

Behind every great chef, is another great chef. At least, that’s the case in Jamie Oliver’s family. Our favorite British chef shared a video of his son, Buddy Bear Maurice, showing off his creative culinary skills while making some fun spooky snacks and yes, our hearts are melting. Frankly, Buddy is already a better chef than we are and is taking his profession seriously. Which is why we’re taking notes of all of his Halloween tricks and treats your kids will absolutely love. Looks like Buddy is giving Jamie a serious run for his money.

Dressed in a Count Dracula costume, Buddy announces he’ll be taking his dad’s followers through some spooky treats.”BOO! Count Buddy is here to show you SPOoOKY treats you and your cooking Buddies can knock up for #Halloween,” writes the proud dad.

Chef Buddy starts his video by showing the different products he has such as green goo popcorn, boo-nanas, bat crackers, and peas. Then, Buddy shows up his “pumpkins” that are simply made of peeled tangerines. Talent, brilliant, showstopping — why haven’t we done this before?!

He first walks us through making his “Apple Banana Thingies”, or Apple monsters if you will. He starts by gathering his cut apples that have a small hole in them towards the top for the mouth of your monster. Then, with a skewer, he spreads peanut butter inside in order to properly stick his cut strawberry to make a tongue. “I think it’s a tongue,” says Buddy, “It could be a tongue or a mouth”.

He adds teeth to his apple monster with two sunflower seeds along with icing for the eyes. “And that my people is a monster thing with eyes,” proclaims Buddy before taking a bite of his creation.

“That is what I call spooky,” says Buddy. The future of the culinary industry is in great hands. If you’re hesitant about outdoors activities this Halloween, consider staying in and making these themed snacks instead!

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