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Jamie Oliver’s Easy Winter Minestrone Is the Perfect Way to Use Up All Your Veggies

We’ve all groaned (and felt guilty) when discovering the veggies we bought last week hiding in the bottom of the refrigerator — a little less crisp than when we first unloaded them into the crisper drawer. A couple of sad carrots, wilting asparagus, the lone potato…they’re familiar friends. Or is that just us? No? Well, your instinct may be to toss them out, but thanks to Jamie Oliver’s minestrone recipe, you can use up basically every vegetable you’ve got hanging around and turn it into a delicious, warming, winter soup that’s super-easy to make and family-friendly to boot.

The British chef demonstrated a step-by-step tutorial on how to make the minestrone recipe on Instagram, writing, “This minestrone is a winner in our house!! Even the kids love it!” He shares that this is a recipe he makes “every single month — at least! We always go back for seconds, and maybe even thirds.”

It’s always difficult trying to conjure up new, healthy recipes that kids will actually eat, so this is already promising!

Even better, the recipe is incredibly easy to follow, and adaptable to your family tastes. “This recipe is brilliant at embracing what you have in the fridge,” he says. Oliver’s version includes cabbage, carrots, kale, and basil leaves — “literally nothing is going to go to waste!” he happily cheers — as well as bacon, but that can easily be omitted from the recipe if you’re not a fan.

Make sure to bookmark this recipe next time you need to use up your veggies before it’s too late!

So go ahead, get the full recipe for Jamie Oliver’s minestrone, but check out the bottom of your fridge before you make it — and make it your own!

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