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Martha Stewart’s Sea Salt Caramel Apples Are a Grown-up Twist On the Classic Fall Treat

Now that autumn is in full swing, all we can think about are the delicious recipes we love that celebrate the season. One of our favorite cooking moguls, Martha Stewart, never lets us down when it comes to easy autumn desserts full of flavors that remind us of childhood. (Apple cider donut bundt cake, we’re looking at you!) So we’re particularly loving the grown-up twist she’s given caramel-covered apples, which she shared recently on Instagram. (Hint: It’s all about the toppings — and the stick.) These look so much prettier and more presentable than the ones we made as kids!

“There are a million ways to enjoy apple season,” the post begins. “🍎 Traditional caramel-covered treats are made even better with the toppings. A sprinkling of sea salt enhances the buttery flavor of caramel apples. For a prettier presentation, use apple-tree cuttings as sticks.”

Flaky sea salt — why didn’t we think of that?! Other stars of the show — besides apples, of course: chopped cashews and melted white chocolate ( or chips of your choosing). You kids may prefer the classic caramel-only preparation, but adults will surely love these more grown-up flavors.

What your kids will love: Hunting for the twigs that can be swapped in for sticks and then dipping the apples in the caramel and adding the toppings. “These beautiful apples are irresistible for the kids and the kid in all of us,” Stewart’s food editor says in his tutorial

Get the full recipe and step-by-step instructions for Martha Stewart’s caramel apples.

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