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Aldi’s Edible Haunted Houses Are the Perfect Weekend Activity

Halloween is just around the corner, and we are so excited to have an excuse to have our sweet tooth take over! In the season of candy, caramel apples, and cookies, we’d like to shake things up from the traditional snacks. The only thing better than eating sweets is one where you can make a family activity out of it — and we’re not just talking about trick-or-treating. Aldi is now selling a Benton’s Chocolate Haunted House Cookie Kit, where you can now visit the perfect haunted mansion without ever leaving the house. Who ever said playing with your food wasn’t fun?

Although building an edible house may typically be a Christmas activity, Aldi’s promises a different experience. It comes packed with chocolate cookie pieces instead of gingerbread to build into the walls of your haunted house. Additionally, it includes pre-baked cookies and icing in a festive black and orange. However, the best part is the special candy treats. Black bats, gumdrops, white bones, and pumpkin are the perfect way to decorate your new haunted house. And since you may feel like a “gingerbread” house just isn’t the same without that hint of gingerbread, Aldi has got you covered. The finishing touch is a gingerbread man cookie that can stand guard or admit visitors into your haunted house.

This house kit can be yours for $8 and will become a new project your family can enjoy this Halloween season since the actual haunted houses are closed due to COVID-19 restrictions. Whether you construct the house while watching The Nightmare Before Christmas or you simply make a day out of it by putting on some spooky tunes in the background–it’s sure to be a fun night for all.

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