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This Walmart Fruit Recall Includes Our Favorite Fall Snack

We’re always looking for ways to eat healthier and add more fruits and veggies to our diet, so when we’re pressed for time we’ll often treat ourselves to a container of pre-cut pineapple, apple slices, or other fruit at the store. No muss, no fuss, and we get an extra dose of vitamins and fiber even if we’re snacking on the go. Well, unfortunately we just learned that one of the brands that sells pre-cut fruit containers at Walmart has issued a recall due to fears that their fruits were potentially infected with Listeria. So much for this healthy snacking strategy. Here’s what you need to know.

The recalled fruit comes from the Country Fresh brand, and includes containers of fruit that were shipped to Walmart stores in nine states: Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Texas.

It includes packages of cut and sliced apples, cantaloupe, grapes, mangoes, and pineapples, as well as fruit medleys, sold at Walmart stores with a “best if used by” date between October 3 and October 11, 2020. The recall even includes one of our favorite seasonal snacks, a tray of apple slices with caramel sauce for dipping. What a year 2020 is, huh?

So far, no illnesses have been reported from people who may have ingested the recalled fruit, but after an FDA inspection discovered traces of Listeria monocytogenes on some of the packaging equipment, Country Fresh issued a voluntary recall to be on the safe side.

If you have purchased some of the recalled fruit, throw it away immediately, and disinfect any surfaces that may have come into contact with the product to avoid cross-contamination.

If you do have any symptoms of Listeria infection – fever, headache, nausea, diarrhea, abdominal pain – and think you’ve consumed some of the recalled fruit, reach out to your doctor.

In the meantime? It might take a little extra effort, but we’ll be cutting our own fruit for a while after this!

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