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Starbucks’ 2020 Holiday Gifts Are Here & They’re More Colorful Than Ever

Gift shopping may look different this year. We might spend most of our time hovering over our laptop instead of pacing the aisles of our favorite retail stores. And we might be Amazon Prime-ing gifts directly to friends’ and families’ homes this year. But Starbucks is here to bring you the joy it typically does this time of the year — in the form of shimmery, blingy holiday drinkware and gifts — making gift shopping as easy as ever.

Starbucks is giving fans a preview of their 2020 holiday gifts line, and they include everything from dazzling, iridescent tumblers and glittery cold cups to the return of their popular holiday coffees, Christmas Blend and Starbucks Holiday Blend.

Shimmering Cold Cups

Image: Starbucks.

Year-round iced coffee drinkers, you’re not alone; and Starbucks is here to acknowledge our existence with this glitter pink swirl cold cup ($18.95) and their pink grid cold cup ($19.95).

Iridescent Tumbler

Image: Starbucks.

This 20-oz., rainbow-hued high gloss stainless steel tumbler ($27.95) aims to “welcom[e] a spark of joy to anyone’s day.”

Pearl Ombre Tumbler

Image: Starbucks.

Or, pick up this adorable, bite-size tumbler perfect for the holidays. ($16.95)

Purple Water Bottle

Image: Starbucks.

Starbucks’ new stainless steel purple water bottle ($24.95) adds just the right amount of shimmer to your life.

Luster Swirl Mug

Image: Starbucks.

Are you catching on to Starbucks’ holiday theme? Their luster swirl mug ($12.95) has an undeniably jubilant rainbow luster finish, and we need this to be our next hot cocoa cup stat.

Holiday-inspired Packaged Coffee

Image: Starbucks.

Inspired by the original 1984 recipe, Starbucks’ Christmas Blend coffee boasts notes of herbs, baking spices, and a rich chocolate finish. This year, it’s available for $15.95 for a 1-pound bag. Starbucks is also selling their popular Holiday Blend and Christmas Blend Espresso Roast.

All of this year’s holiday goodies will be for sale at select Starbucks locations. While we don’t have an official drop date for these items yet, we’ll be sure to update you as soon as we learn more.

Of course, you can always pick up a Starbucks gift card for loved ones, friends, coworkers, you name it. What’s special about this year is this holiday season marks the 20th anniversary of the Starbucks Card.

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