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Oprah’s Homemade Popsicle Recipes Are Helping Us (And Her!) Prolong Summer

Just two still-toasty days past Labor Day, it feels like there are two kinds of food people: Those who can’t wait for chilly weather and the hearty comfort food that comes with it, and those who can’t bear to say goodbye to summer’s fresh flavors. Personally, I’ve got a foot planted firmly in each camp: I can’t wait try Ina Garten’s Lobster Pot Pie recipe, but I also still want to savor all of the sweet corn, cherry tomatoes, and basil I can. Also falling into the latter camp: Oprah Winfrey, who took to Instagram to share her glorious freezer full of individually wrapped homemade popsicles and proclaim that summer isn’t quite over yet.

“This was our big treat EVERY DAY this summer,” she captioned the video post. “Thanks to @zairah. Hate to see the end of summer and homemade popsicles.”

In the video, she elaborates: “For every single day this summer — every single day this summer — we’ve had a homemade popsicle. Look at our popsicle drawer [ed note: Here Oprah waves her hand sweepingly across a gorgeous display of fruity ice pops] with margarita popsicles, strawberry-banana popsicles, pineapple, pineapple-mint popsicles, strawberry-dreamsicle popsicles… and here’s one strawberry-watermelon popsicle. [ed note: unwraps popsicle.] And so here, Labor Day means kind of the beginning of the end of summer, but I’ll tell you when the summer’s really over is when the last popsicle’s gone from the drawer. The last popsicle. So ladies and gentleman, it’s the beginning of the end. The last popsicle. Happy Labor Day!”

Leave it to Oprah — of course — to keep introducing us to new favorite things to covet, like the perfect pair of black pants or a new foot cream — and now, our very own popsicle freezer. Complete with a popsicle menu. (Our kids would certainly be on board with that last one!)

Lest you think Oprah would leave us all hanging (and drooling), the kind people at her namesake magazine popped into the comments to add: “We have the popsicle recipes over at if y’all want to make Oprah popsicles 👀👀👀.” Well, yes, we do. So go ahead, get the full recipes at and enjoy summer, Oprah-style, just a little bit longer.

Another way to keep those summer vibes going a little longer? This roundup of summer cocktails:

summer cocktails

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