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The Dish Giada De Laurentiis Cooked for Prince William & Kate Middleton Is Easy to Recreate at Home

Back in 2011, Giada De Laurentiis was tasked with one of the most honorable and exciting opportunities any chef could hope for: cooking for the royals. Prince William and Kate Middleton were hosting a charity event in Santa Barbara and De Laurentiis was asked to cook for the big day and because it was the couple’s first time visiting California together, she wanted to showcase all of the amazing fresh flavors California has to offer. So what did she decide to serve? Her grilled shrimp and vegetable salad, of course!

When you envision a menu fit for royalty you probably envision something super fancy, but that couldn’t be more untrue in this case. In fact, this recipe is actually easy to make yourself right at home.

The secret to this salad’s intense flavor lies in the grill. Everything from the romaine lettuce to the corn to the shrimp gets grilled which adds tons of great flavor to every bite. Just coat everything in a nice layer of olive oil, season it up and toss it on the grill. If you don’t like shrimp or don’t have any on hand, you can swap it out for another protein like chicken or salmon.

Giada tops this salad with a homemade lemon and honey vinaigrette but you can use your favorite store-bought dressing if you’re crunched for time. But don’t forget the crispy tortilla strips! They add lots of necessary crunch to the salad.

Get the full recipe from The Giadzy

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