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Walmart Just Announced A New Unlimited Delivery Service So You Don’t Actually Have To Go to the Store

Has going to the store ever been more of a pain in the butt? Sure, in the past pure laziness occasionally made putting on pants and heading out for groceries feel like a truly Herculean task, but ever since 2020 reared its ugly head, going grocery shopping can feel downright scary. That means we’ve been relying on online delivery more than ever. Walmart seems to know this because they just announced Walmart+, a membership service that offers free unlimited deliveries from stores along with a whole other slew of COVID-friendly benefits that we would be excited to have at our fingertips regardless.

Now, for those of you who already are loyal Walmart shoppers and like their current free curbside pickup, NextDay delivery, and two-day delivery, never fear – those options aren’t going away.

However, with Walmart+, you’ll be getting more. For a membership fee of $98 a year or $12.95 a month, you’ll get unlimited free deliveries of your favorite items, including same-day delivery where available. Those who were previous Delivery Unlimited Walmart customers will have those memberships converted to Walmart+.

In addition, Walmart is rolling out Scan & Go shopping with Walmart+. This feature allows you to scan items as you shop, then to pay using Walmart Pay. No more waiting in crowded check out lines, no more touching the grubby keypad when you swipe your card – you’ll be able to have a contact-free shopping experience simply by using your phone. You’ll also be getting fuel discounts of 5 cents a gallon at participating Walmart, Murphy USA, and Murphy Express gas stations, with Sam’s Club soon to join the fray.

These are just a few of the features members will be able to experience when the Walmart+ service goes live on September 15 – the company says that they’ll be adding more benefits as time goes on.

The thought of being able to order groceries, clothes, personal care items, and maybe even a cute li’l outfit for the dog without having to worry about stepping foot in the store sounds pretty appealing right now, we can’t lie. Scan & Go sounds pretty awesome too – nothing’s worse than finally finishing piling everything from your list in the cart only to realize there’s only one check-out open and about 20 people in line ahead of you.

Now our only question is, with a new delivery subscription service that’s cheaper than Amazon Prime, will Walmart+ be adding things like streaming entertainment in the future to directly compete with one of their biggest rivals?

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