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Ina Garten’s 2-Ingredient Summer Corn Recipe Is the Easiest Side Dish You’ll Ever Make

As much as we love cozy fall comfort foods and holiday baking, there’s nothing we love more than peak summer produce. Whether we’re making elaborate zucchini bundt cakes from our proliferation of summer squash or making lobster BLT’s with ripe heirloom tomatoes, there’s a place for all produce in our kitchen. But sometimes we want to make a simpler dish. While boiling fresh corn on the cob is a fail-safe summer side dish, it can get a little boring after so many years. The solution? Ina Garten’s 2-ingredient summer corn, which strips the kernels off the cob for a more elegant, but still simple, presentation.

You can make the recipe with either sweet yellow corn or sweet white corn. First, Garten says that you should shuck the corn and remove all of the corn silk, then cut the kernels off of the corn cobs (these corn hacks can help make it easier).

Then, you simply saute the corn in a pan with unsalted butter (or, as Garten would probably say, GOOD unsalted butter), salt, and pepper. As the corn cooks it’s milky starchiness is transformed, leaving behind juicy, buttery, fresh tasting tender summer corn.

While you can certainly serve the sauteed summer corn as-is, it’s also a wonderful base for other dishes. You can use it to make corn salsa or corn salad, you can toss it with pasta and fresh chopped herbs for dinner, or you can fold it into the batter of your favorite cornbread recipe to add juicy pops of flavor.

However you slice it, this is one summer corn recipe you’ll want to have in your arsenal.

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