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Every Secret Trader Joe’s Instagram Account Super Fans Should Know About

I guess you could say we’re just slightly obsessed with Trader Joe’s around here. But I mean, can you blame us? From their amazing array of frozen foods to their unbelievably affordable beauty products, it’s hard not to fall in love with the grocery retailer. One of our favorite activities is scouring the shelves for new item drops during our grocery runs because every season, Trader Joe’s rolls out several new products and they’re always delicious. This summer, they gifted us with Zhoug Sauce, Watermelon Cucumber Cooler, Lemon Chess Pie and most recently, Acerola. Trader Joe’s rolls out so many new products that it can be hard to keep up with all of them — unless, of course, you know about these Trader Joe’s Instagram fan accounts that will not only keep you up-to-date on the newest products but will also offer insider info and mouthwatering recipes.

Ahead, you’ll find all of the secret Instagram accounts super fans should follow if they want to make sure they’re in-the-know and getting the most out of all of their Trader Joe’s goodies.

Trader Joe’s List

Trader Joe’s List is my favorite account to follow for new product drops. It’s run by California-based mom Natasha and along with always providing the newest product info, she frequently posts live videos of her Trader Joe’s hauls and gives great tips and tricks for using the products she picks up.

Trader Joe’s Obsessed

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Look what’s back!!!! 🥭 🍊 🕯 MANGO TANGERINE Candles!!!! ($3.99) They smell like a tropical mango smoothie 🌴 🏖 Make sure to trim the wick and burn it for at least 2 hours the first time to prevent tunneling ❤️ Please check out my stories ⬆️ and Highlights for even more TJ’s items as well as new & fav kitchen items & swipe up to find out more info ❤️ 🙏🏻 #traderjoesfans #candle #mango #tangerine #spa #love #fragrant #tropical #perfume #yas #backagain #groceryshopping #traderjoesobsessed #traderjoeslove #traderjoesfinds #traderjoesrocks #traderjoes #traderjoesdoesitagain #traderjoeshaul #traderjoesinsider #traderjoesmusthaves #traderjoesfan #traderjoes #candles #anthropologie

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If you love Trader Joe’s for not only their food but their incredible home goods, beauty supplies and other non-food goodies, this is a great account to follow. Sure, this account also shares great food account but unlike some of the other fan accounts, this one highlights some of the lesser-explored areas of Trader Joe’s that deserve some attention too.

Black Girls In Trader Joe’s

Yes, Trader Joe’s sells great products but if you really want to transform them into a restaurant-quality meal, this is the account to follow. Run by Mercedes and Lauren, you’ll find enough recipe inspo here to last you a lifetime.

Trader Joe’s Keto Finds

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6 Total Carbs ▪️ 2 Net Carbs . . . Nuts are generally #ketofriendly but they can be boring. These nuts, on the other hand, are anything but boring! These have such a great lime flavor, sometimes they can be hard to put down! I try to portion these out when I get home from the store so I don’t eat straight from the bag. DIRTY KETO ALERT! These have maltodextrin and sugar in them (swipe for ingredients). Don’t @ me about this! They’re not for everyone, but they’re definitely for me! Find these in the nut section of your local #tjs. Have you tried them? What did you think? . . . . #traderjoesketo #ketotraderjoes #ketofinds #ketosnacks #healthyishketoish #ketomeals #ketorecipes #lchf #lowcarb #ketofam #ketokids #ketola #ketolosangeles #lossngelesketo #meat #ketomom #ketofinds #ketofind #ketosnack #lchf #netcarbs #totalcarbs #ketosis #ketodiet #lowcarb #lowcarbfinds #lchf

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The Keto diet seemingly just continues to grow in popularity. If you are a keto follower and also happen to love Trader Joe’s, this account highlights all of the best keto-friendly products at our favorite grocery store.

Trader Joe’s Food Reviews

OK, so you’ve seen the latest product drop on one of the other acounts but you’re on the fence. Is it worth your hard-earned money? This account will let you know!

Before you go, check out all of the Trader Joe’s products you can shop right at Walmart:

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