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Here’s How to Make Ben & Jerry’s Edible Cookie Dough At Home

Some people like cold pizza better than hot, some think that their fave comfort food tastes way better the next day, and almost everyone agrees that cookie dough is just as good raw and straight from the mixing bowl as it is once it’s baked. But how do you avoid that pesky salmonella? Ben & Jerry’s answered this age-old question last year when they started selling their snackable cookie dough balls in the freezer aisle, but now you can skip your trip to the store altogether, because they’ve shared the recipe for this sweet treat and it only takes seven ingredients to make it.

Now, usually when people talk about the salmonella risk with cookie dough, they’re thinking about the raw eggs included in most recipes. But did you know that uncooked flour can contain salmonella, too? It’s even caused recalls in the past. Thankfully, the Ben & Jerry’s recipe takes both of these things into account – it’s both egg-free and uses heat-treated flour that makes cookie dough that’s safe to eat without being baked.

To heat-treat your flour, all you have to do is either microwave it or bake it until it reaches 165 degrees, which is hot enough to kill any traces of Salmonella or E. coli that may be present. Now that you know this trick, pretty much any eggless cookie dough recipe can be made safe to eat raw!

If you’re looking for the classic taste of the Ben & Jerry’s cookie dough chunks that are found in their ice cream, however, you should stick to the recipe they shared. It calls for butter, brown sugar, heavy cream, vanilla, flour, chocolate chips, and a touch of salt. The result? Decadent, creamy, sweet little nuggets of pure bliss. Store in your fridge or freezer, and pop one in your mouth any time you get a cookie dough craving.

Still hungry? Check out the cookie recipes in our gallery below:

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